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Unbreakable Food-Safe Plastic Highball Glasses (330 ml, Frosted Rainbow Multicolour) -Set of 6



Each one of us is unique’, says every piece from the unbreakable Rainbow collection. Straight, Simple and Sensational, Highball in colorful shades of the festive season ensures you have a glass that hosts the beer cum cocktail lovers and soft drinks cum mocktail buffs alike. There’s a rainbow in the sky, time to bring one home. Packed elegantly, this uniquely colorful set of 6 makes a beautiful gift too. 


* Our Stallions are perfected to endure tough situations and don’t need a lot of caressing.
* However, to ensure a long life – use a strong biodegradable detergent with high levels of rinse aid.
* When hand washing, use only a soft sponge and avoid repetitive movements and twisting whilst cleaning.
* Machine wash using a liquid wash is also permissible.


* Scourers or cleaning clothes that are abrasive, for example scotch brite are a big no-no, as they will make your Stallions appear scratched and cloudy.
* It is recommended that you stay away from glass scrubbers because they could be damaging to our products. 
* However, should you have no choice but to use these cleaning devices, we advise you to fold a kitchen cloth over a few times and place it over the scrubbing brushes to create a protective barrier.


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